Wka Abdichtung der Fundamente
Wka Fundamente
Wka Fundamentabdichtung
Windkraftanlage Fundament Abdichtung
Windkraftanlage Fundament abdichten
Windkraftanlage Fundament
Windkraftanlage Fundament abgedichtet

Waterproofing WT foundations

Application of full-surface fleece-reinforced PMMA and KMB systems in exposed or earth-covered areas.

The PMMA-system for the exposed areas is permanently elastic, dynamic crack bridging, low-temperature flexible, mechanically tough, as well as resistant against chemicals, saltwater, UV-, IR-, roots and rhizomes.

Reliable and maintenance free function also at extreme locations such as the arctic circle, Orkney Islands or the west Hybridean Islands.

In earth-covered areas we apply a highly flexible, crack-bridging and solvent-free thick-coat system.